From Here to Eternity

From Here to Eternity

A few weeks ago, I started to look back at the past three years of my counseling practice in Rhode Island. I opened my office doors not knowing what to expect, with doubts about how I could make a difference in people’s life, and concerned that my phone would not ring. I was new in the community and had never ran my own business before.

It took me more than a year to build up a good level of professional confidence and a full schedule. My website became key in catering towards the clients who I was best able to help. So, most people who contacted me already had a sense of who I was and how I worked as a counselor. This led to long-term successful and happy relationships with clients. I need to thank my dear husband, Matt, for his tremendous contribution in building this website, for also teaching me how to navigate all those “à l´avant-garde ” psychotherapy applications out there, and for showing me those business knacks that have given me a nice tech advantage in the counseling marketplace.

In spite of the great satisfaction and enormous learning experience that counseling others has brought me, when I think about the future, I do not envision doing the same things I am doing now. The truth is that I do not have a clear vision of the direction I want to take next professionally. For that reason, and after many conversations with friends and family, I made the decision to place my counseling practice on hold. My hope is that by taking a pause, new ideas will emerge and unfold in the empty space left by counseling clients every day. What I want is to come up with a practice that goes beyond my schooling and licensure limitations and that feels free, personal, and adapted to the particular skills and expertise I offer.

I believe that my future practice will embrace all the ingredients from my past one. However, I believe that advancing the helping professions sometimes requires departing from the familiar theories and practices and venturing into new territories and alternative processes that may be helpful to many people.

Even when I will be closing the doors to my downtown office in Providence by the end of this year, I am keeping a reduced presence on the Internet. In fact, I will continue seeing a limited number of clients via Skype. However, because of state mental health laws, these clients enter the category of coaching instead of counseling. The truth is that I cannot and should not offer internet counseling to out of state clients who may have clinical depression or severe trauma, who may need some kind of personality treatment, or who are at risk of suicide. Indeed, Internet counseling is no substitute for face to face interactions with a psychotherapist who is able to offer more direct and immediate care, and who is familiar with the local resources that ensure comprehensive services and safety to the person in need.

I will also keep in touch with the general public through this website. I am looking forward to sharing my journey of inquiry and learning into the future. My curiosity, and my love for education, learning and personal growth will remain the same from here to eternity!