My primary office is located in the historic Knowledge District (formally known as the Jewelry District) of Providence, Rhode Island.

Eva Malia Counseling & Coaching
Providence, RI 02903
Telephone: unavailable
Fax: 401.415.6083

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There is 2-hour free on-street parking on several of the streets near my office: Elm St., Bassett St., Claverick St., and Imperial Place are all good options for non-metered spots. HOWEVER, there is a very dedicated meter maid in this neighborhood with some possible black magic skills, and she WILL give you a ticket if you're parked over 2 hours, even by just a few minutes.

Other on-street parking options for parking include some unmetered unlimited parking underneath the bridge on Friendship St and underneath the bridge on Chestnut St, near the Starbucks.

Perhaps the safest and most reliable parking is in the nearby paid parking structures. The Brown Richmond Parking garage is at 222 Richmond St (entrance is on Eddy St). The Coro Center garage is on Hoppin St.