Developing Interpersonal Clarity: A Relationship Group

Developing Interpersonal Clarity: A Relationship Group

I am happy to announce a new therapy group that my colleague Claude Verdier and I will begin next month. Space is limited and these groups tend to fill up quickly! Here is the information:

Developing Interpersonal Clarity: A relationship Group.

Increase your satisfaction, effectiveness, and closeness in your relationships with others. In a safe and supportive environment we will help you to expand your strengths, gain insight and further your capacity for direct communication with other people.

The aim of this twelve-week workshop is to promote a group experience in which participants can take responsibility for giving and getting what they want. We will create a climate where we become aware of our individual needs, our ability to make choices, and our interdependence. We will explore the necessity to continuously balance one's own needs, wants, wishes and actions with those of others.

This group is co-facilitated by Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Eva Malia M.Ed. and Claude Verdier M.A.

Contact us to set up a no cost appointment to meet with both of us to discuss your interest in this group.

Eva Malia (401) 680-6124

Claude Verdier (401) 274-1446

Email: [email protected]