The Latest Writings from Eva Malia

One Room, Two Perspectives

It’s healthy to express disagreement to our partner and even to have conflicts we need to negotiate or resolve together. Working through disagreement we show attachment and care, and it’s how we can build a stronger and more intimate relationship. Conflicts only begin to cause erosion when partners becomes inflexible in their views, holding their perspective as the only acceptable truth.

Let's Have A Talk About Sex

There is sex and there is every-day life, and sometimes each gets in the way of the other. For good and for bad, we think about sex quite often, and we hear about it everywhere, from great and not so great literature, to radio, television, or social media.

Heart Zen Meditation Meetup in Providence

Lately, I have met a lot of people inside and outside my counseling practice who have shown a strong interest in incorporating meditation into their lives. They hear the news, they listen to meditation tapes, they read books, and see it all over the internet: meditation improves your focus, your memory and your well-being.

Questions that Explore Life Purpose

I was having an interesting conversation with my husband over breakfast about life purpose. So many of us report not having found it and feeling directionless, that from time to time I wonder why it can be so elusive and difficult to find. Research shows that finding meaning or purpose is one of the greatest ingredients for a calm and happy life.

5 Steps Towards Managing Anger

When I moved to Providence about 2 1/2 years ago, one of my first cultural challenges was adapting to a new city with different driving habits.

Counseling vs Coaching: Five Differences To Consider

Are you finding difficulty deciding whether to hire a counselor or a coach? The boundaries between coaching and counseling are not always clear, but making the right choice between one or the other can make a difference in whether you get your needs met or not.  Here are some of the distinctions I have found so far:

Always Moving Forward

When distressing thoughts become habitual and automatic, we end up identifying with our negative mind, and become depressed or anxious.

We can let those negative thoughts follow their course and take over our lives without ever questioning them, or we may come to see that we have a choice in the matter, and that we can create some boundaries around our negative thinking.

Intentions for the New Year!

Welcome to 2013, and Happy New Year to everyone! From December through the beginning of January I like to think about and write down my intentions for the new year. These intentions help me keep the direction I will need to feel awesome at the end of 2013. I divide my intentions into several areas: Health, Family, Relationship, Personal, Finances, Work, and Social.

Resources for Coping with the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Like most people, I feel deeply sad and disturbed about the killings of 26 innocent children and adults in Connecticut last Friday. It is hard to remain silent in the midst of so much suffering, and to ignore this feeling of powerlessness and wrongness about it all.

10 Tips for Surviving Holiday Stress

As the holidays approach, you may find yourself busy shopping for a list of gifts online or at the mall, decorating the yard with multicolor lights, attending or hosting holiday parties, or hurrying up to send last minute season's greeting cards to loved ones. All this work in anticipation of the Holidays can be stressful and emotionally draining if you do not take good care of yourself.