Fall Rituals: The Art Of Letting Go

Fall Rituals: The Art Of Letting Go

Fall is here, and the early low temperatures seem to augur an early winter. Fall invites us to go foliage watching, eat a warm slice of apple pie, and buy pumpkins and cider at the country farm. It evokes abundance when we think of the harvest season: homemade bread and jams and the warm meals anticipating the traditional Thanksgiving Day feast.

During the summer we seem to be more directly connected to nature through outdoor activities like swimming, barbecues and picnics in the back yard and laying on the beach. This connection doesn’t have to end as we close our doors and windows to the colder weather. The fall can be a time to reflect and let go of hustle and bustle of summer.

One advantage of living through the seasons is that they offer us an opportunity to participate in the changes and rituals which occur during the circle of birth, life, dying, death, and rebirth.

In that never-ending process of life and death, Fall acts as a reminder to shed the darkness of the past, to let go of unwanted feelings which follow us year after year. Watching the leaves fall from your window can be great inspiration as we think of the difficulties, obstacles, people and concerns we want to let go of in our lives. One ritual I enjoy is writing down on paper those things I want to let go of and (safely) burning the paper in a fire pit. As we say good-bye to them, we are creating an intention and the space for the birth of a new beginning later in the Spring.

During the Fall I also like to clean and de-clutter my home in preparation for the winter, and to reflect on the people and the values that are really important, loving, and supportive of my growth. My home is my sanctuary, and giving it a deep cleaning during this time of the year evokes a feeling of being lighter and wanting to spend more time there cozying up with my loved ones. Meanwhile, de-cluttering contributes to letting go of unwanted memories, and unnecessary objects that have rather become obstacles, not only in the sacred space where I live, but also in my mind. Mastering my space supports my mental health while dirtiness and clutter clouds my mind and leaves little place for creativity.

Allowing ourselves to let go of the dirt, objects, memories and the past which don’t support our growth is a crucial step to create the life we choose to live. Let this season be one of shedding and letting go of the old and stuck energy, and of reflecting on the vision, the intentions and the goals that we will be setting for the next new year.