Heart Zen Meditation Meetup in Providence

Lately, I have met a lot of people inside and outside my counseling practice who have shown a strong interest in incorporating meditation into their lives. They hear the news, they listen to meditation tapes, they read books, and see it all over the internet: meditation improves your focus, your memory and your well-being.

Using Meditation to Relieve Stress and Help with Anxiety (Part 2 of 2)

When we sit in meditation, we begin to observe the patterns of thought and motifs which run in our minds automatically, and which account for much of the way we feel and react. As we breathe in and out during meditation, we attempt to observe thoughts entering our mind, and leaving our mind, letting go of them gently.


Using Meditation to Relieve Stress and Help with Anxiety (Part 1 of 2)

More and more of us are turning to meditation to relieve stress caused by our high-paced tech-enabled lifestyles. It is becoming a common practice to use meditation to deal with fears of the unknown, the uncontrollable and the uncertain.

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