Always Moving Forward

Always Moving Forward

When distressing thoughts become habitual and automatic, we end up identifying with our negative mind, and become depressed or anxious.

We can let those negative thoughts follow their course and take over our lives without ever questioning them, or we may come to see that we have a choice in the matter, and that we can create some boundaries around our negative thinking.

Realizing that the negative mind is not an abnormality, but a natural part of being human, is an important step towards our mental health. It is what you do with the negative thinking that matters, and what marks the difference between living a fulfilled life or feeling like the shadow of who you really want to be. 

The negative mind  does what it normally does: evaluates, judges, is afraid, becomes angry, blames, etc. It is important to acknowledge those thoughts and feelings, however fighting them or trying to get rid of them may be an exhausting activity and a goal impossible to accomplish.

You can live without giving negative thoughts too much importance, and without identifying with them. Doing so will help you create a larger vision and feel free to move forward to accomplish your goals, and to aspire to fulfilling your dreams.

The best use of our mind happens when we focus on experiencing the world around us, or when we use our time to create, build, love, grow and discover. When we act in agreement with what we value the most, with what makes us the most happy, we are without a doubt on the road to personal success.  When we do the things we are passionate about, when we work to reach small or big goals, and when we challenge our own boundaries of what “we think” we can do, then we have a lot less time to feel miserable, worried or depressed. You are living in full appreciation of your life.